What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag?

I had to do some travelling recently for work, so it only felt appropriate that I do a What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag? post.

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The Konjac Sponge: Miracle Worker?

Every time a new type of beauty tool hits my radar I get two reactions: excitement and scepticism. The order of the two often varies, but they always occur together. I guess that’s one of the good things about being a blogger – I get to test out both my excitement and scepticism and tell you about my experience. The konjac sponge was no different than any other tool: I got a good ol’ dose of excitement and scepticism when they were first out on the market a few years ago. A lot of companies said that they were just short of miracle workers – they’d get rid of your acne! Brighten your skin! Deep clean! magic.

I guess that’s why I’ve waited so long to review any konjac sponges. The skepticism won out on this one. BUT. I am also really excited to be reviewing this little egg from ecotools today.

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A Travel Beauty Roundup: Skincare, Hygiene, Haircare & Tools

I have been collecting travel beauty bits and bobs for the past few months in the hope that I could do a round up before the end of summer, but little did I know that this is going to actually be useful for me next month! I am unexpectedly travelling to Toronto in September and then San Francisco in October for my new job so this process has been an exciting little bit of research for my own uses as well. I’ve collected an array of travel beauty bits to include in this post and hope to do a more in-depth post on what I’m taking in my makeup bag come September, so let’s just dig right in!

A Travel Beauty Roundup: Brushes, Skincare, Haircare & more | uptherollercoaster.com

Travel Beauty: Skincare, Hygiene, Haircare & Tools

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ecotools Day to Night Brush Set Review

I’m going to be doing a tiny bit of travelling for my new job, so of course I’ve been ecstatic to try to find the perfect travel-friendly cosmetic bits. Anything for some makeup, right? Well in today’s case, perhaps it should be makeup brushes, but I digress…

I’ve tried ecotools brushes before (the essential eye set) and was really happy with the quality, but I hadn’t branched out from my initial test. Luckily Farelyco was nice enough to send me the ecotools Day to Night Brush Set so I could give another set a try.

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Best of Beauty 2015

Best of Beauty 2015

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

2015 if about to come to a close and as most beauty bloggers like to do, I’m pulling out my best of beauty picks for the year. These products aren’t all new to the shelves this year, but they’re all new to me and they’re products that I have reached for again and again, regardless of the season. Continue reading

Review | ecotools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush

ecotools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Hair brushes aren’t typically that exciting of a product to write about, though this ecotools hair brush isn’t the first one I have tried and loved enough to dedicate an entire post about. Before this I have only tried a very small handful of ecotools products, though I have head that their makeup brushes are great quality, especially for their price point. The Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush is a very reasonable $10.99 and is good quality.

The bamboo handle is a very nice touch and helps the otherwise plastic brush feel a little more luxurious. It’s light and well balanced, so there’s no issues of arms getting sore from using it which I always appreciate! And it really does what it says – it gives my hair some lift when it so desperately needs it, and it helps my hair dry so fast thanks to the vents in the core of the brush. Continue reading