A Summer Lament

I have been missing summer these last few days and in an effort to bring back those glorious golden rays I’ve been going through some photos that in July and August and came across some I felt I needed to share from the Halifax Public Gardens. These gardens are in the style of the City Beautiful Movement, which was a reform philosophy that started in factory-ridden Victorian London to help the public be less depressed with their awful home lives by introducing public green spaces throughout cities to cheer up the public. (Quick, stop me now before I write an entire article on the City Beautiful Movement.)

Anyway, the Halifax Public Gardens have kept up that Victorian style of a public park with fountains, a bridges, a pond full of goldfish and ducks and lots and lots of pretty flowers. It quickly became one of my favourite spots in the city and I wanted to share some of the photos I took with you.

Halifax Public Gardens | Up the Rollercoaster

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The Perfect Purple Fall Lip

If you’re at all like me, the thing you’re looking forward to the most about fall is the purples. Purple is my favourite colour to wear (or decorate with, or stare at…) but it’s only recently that I discovered that I could in fact pull off purple makeup. And it was all thanks to Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless.

The Perfect Purple Fall Lip | Up the Rollercoaster

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Fabric Bookbinding Workshop at Patch Halifax

Fabric and I don’t really get along. Even in theatre school I always had much more success working with stiffer materials (wood, foam core, etc.) than with fabric, but I am determined to get over my aversion to textiles. I mean, they are way prettier than foam core and wood for one thing. 😉

In my determination, I decided I wanted to sew a duvet cover for our bed. Korra is making our bed quite hairy, and while I love her to pieces it’s going to be quite difficult for us to wash the quilt on the bed. But that’s a bit daunting for me at this point – not the least because I decided I’d try to use “no-sew” glue rather than trying to sew it.  So in an effort to give myself the push I need to tackle the duvet cover, I thought I would start simple and signed up for a fabric bookbinding workshop over at Patch Halifax. Patch Halifax is a local fabric store that hosts regular sewing classes and sewing machine rentals. It’s located in an adorable little building on Robie Street with lots of bright windows and open space. It’s such a welcoming space that even as someone who is more than a little bit uncomfortable with fabric I felt right at home.

Patch Halifax | Up the Rollercoaster

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Blog Awards

I am so late in writing this, but I’ve been trying to decide if I was going to post this in one fell swoop or feature each blog award in its own post. (I decided to do one big post.) In the past few weeks I have been nominated for three blog awards: the One Lovely Blog Award, the Sisterhood of the World Award and the Liebster Award, which I appreciate so much! Thank you so much for nominating me Aline, Clare and Josie!

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Summer Favourites | A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

I have been putting off writing this post because I’ve been unwilling to admit that summer is over. But now that it’s already snowed in my home province of Alberta (that’s right, snow) I have decided I better not put this post off any longer. Behold, my Summer favourites!

Summer Favourites | Up the Rollercoaster

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The Best Acne Busters in Town

I have been plagued with acne for years. Is “plagued” too strong of a word? Maybe. I know I have had it a lot better than many people, but it still seems to always been present. And lately it’s been extra awful. Tiny, (and sometimes not so tiny) angry volcanos have been popping up on my face since the wedding, which I completely blame on the stress of moving and figuring out school and all of that fun stuff. But behold! An answer to all of my frustrations!

acne, kiehls, skin care, arbonne, lush

These three little products have been a saving grace for my face. I still have a way to go with my acne but these three gems are amazing at calming those angry red guys that pop up so often.

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