Fall Trend: Natural Makeup

Fashion Magazine recently posted an article highlighting ten trends for Fall 2014 inspired by the runway and some Canadian Beauty Bloggers thought it would be fun to put our own spins on those trends!

Of all the trends, this one is probably the one I am the most comfortable with. I have been leaning towards a more minimalistic makeup look lately (and I even posted my take on the No Makeup Makeup Look not that long ago…) so I just simplified my every day makeup a bit.

Fall Trends - Natural Makeup | Up the Rollercoaster

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Autumn 2014 Luxe Box First Impression

Luxe Box Autumn 2014 | Up the Rollercoaster

I received my Luxe Box in the mail last week! This will be my last Luxe Box, at least until I get a job, and while I am sad to step away from this subscription I am very excited to share my goodies with you!

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Fall Trend: Nude Nails

Fashion Magazine recently posted an article highlighting ten trends for Fall 2014 inspired by the runway and some Canadian Beauty Bloggers thought it would be fun to put our own spins on those trends!

For my first post I thought I would tackle nude nails. I tend to prefer bright colours on my nails so I don’t have a huge selection of nudes – in fact I’d only really classify one of the polishes I’m featuring in this post as a true nude, but I thought I would step up my polish game and try out some nail art for this feature. And for someone who struggles to keep solid coats neat and smudge-free, I’d say this was quite an undertaking! 😉

Fall Trends - Nude Nails | Up the Rollercoaster

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Guest Post | An Ode to Sweater Weather with Amber Magus

Hello lovely readers of Jodi, it is my absolute pleasure to be doing a guest post here at Up the Rollercoaster.  My name is Amber and I blog over at Amber Magus where I talk about all things skin care, beauty and Life.  Myself and Jodi thought that as sad as it is to admit but fall and winter are fast approaching and however much I really do not enjoy winter certainly if we get another 5 months of -50, we both really love Fall.  So to embrace the lovely fall weather, myself and Jodi have each put together our reasons to fall in love with…well…Fall…so wrap up in your coziest sweater, grab a cup of tea and enjoy.  And make sure to pop on over to my blog to check out Jodi’s post on what she looks forwards to in Fall.
Guest Post: Ode to Sweater Weather | Up the Rollercoaster

(pictures all found on we heart it)

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A Summer Lament

I have been missing summer these last few days and in an effort to bring back those glorious golden rays I’ve been going through some photos that in July and August and came across some I felt I needed to share from the Halifax Public Gardens. These gardens are in the style of the City Beautiful Movement, which was a reform philosophy that started in factory-ridden Victorian London to help the public be less depressed with their awful home lives by introducing public green spaces throughout cities to cheer up the public. (Quick, stop me now before I write an entire article on the City Beautiful Movement.)

Anyway, the Halifax Public Gardens have kept up that Victorian style of a public park with fountains, a bridges, a pond full of goldfish and ducks and lots and lots of pretty flowers. It quickly became one of my favourite spots in the city and I wanted to share some of the photos I took with you.

Halifax Public Gardens | Up the Rollercoaster

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Fabric Bookbinding Workshop at Patch Halifax

Fabric and I don’t really get along. Even in theatre school I always had much more success working with stiffer materials (wood, foam core, etc.) than with fabric, but I am determined to get over my aversion to textiles. I mean, they are way prettier than foam core and wood for one thing. 😉

In my determination, I decided I wanted to sew a duvet cover for our bed. Korra is making our bed quite hairy, and while I love her to pieces it’s going to be quite difficult for us to wash the quilt on the bed. But that’s a bit daunting for me at this point – not the least because I decided I’d try to use “no-sew” glue rather than trying to sew it.  So in an effort to give myself the push I need to tackle the duvet cover, I thought I would start simple and signed up for a fabric bookbinding workshop over at Patch Halifax. Patch Halifax is a local fabric store that hosts regular sewing classes and sewing machine rentals. It’s located in an adorable little building on Robie Street with lots of bright windows and open space. It’s such a welcoming space that even as someone who is more than a little bit uncomfortable with fabric I felt right at home.

Patch Halifax | Up the Rollercoaster

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